Monday, 13 February 2012

Made in Chelsea's Louis Thompson: Inspired Make-up

I was in a cafe yesterday having a Mocha and a full english breakfast when Jamie and Proudlock from Made in Chelsea walked in and sat next to me and I have to say they wear so much MAKE-UP , their faces were completly caked in fake tan and foundation!!

Anyway this isn't a post on their 'fabulous' make-up its Louis Thompson's make-up I was admiring on last season episodes.
She wore a bold vamp lip which is Rebel by Mac Cosmetics.

And so just for you I will be re-creating this look.
Obviously,start with no make-up on,this is me at 9 O'clock after being woken up by our fire alarm...ergh

I Moisterised my face first. Yes, I'm in my P'jamas

 And then I got dressed for you guys...

Firstly I used Natural Collections tinted moisturiser in a shade slightly darker than my skin tone.
I appllied it with my fingers because I cant be arsed with brushes.

After this I put a light amount of Urban Decays buck all over my eyelid but focusing it on the crease.
Then I used virgin on my inner corner and toasted right in the centre of the lid. (all from Naked 1)

Next is the eye-liner,she isnt wearing the flick in this look mainly because I think the lips are very statement.

To finish off I used lots and lots of Benefit 'bad gal' masacara.

I on bronzer mostly on my temples and swept it down onto my cheeks for more of a hollowed out effect. She is wearing blush but I skipped this part out as I think it would look a little bit too much on me.

Save the best for last!! I put va va violet on my lips by Revlon,which seems like a pretty good dupe even though I have never seen MAC rebel in person!

This is the makeup I will be wearing to LFW


  1. I loveee the lipstick on you, gorgeous! xx

  2. Love it!

  3. i would probably of died if i saw jamie and proudlock wow you're so lucky! and this lipstick looks amazing, i may have to buy it... xx

  4. love your hair! so pretty :). I'm working on growing mine out like yours. Great blog! I will check back often :)

  5. haha i did die a little inside ;) Thankyou!! xx

  6. Can't believe you saw Jamie and Proudlock, so jealous! That makeup really suits you, the lipstick is gorgeous xx

  7. That lipstick really suits you!
    Lovely blog btw! Glad I discovered it ;)

  8. Looks lovely, that lipstick shade really suits you! xo