Monday, 31 October 2011

Birthday events | fabulouslyfeebz

So much has happened in the last few days I don't think I can fit it into one blog post so thank god also did a post on it or I think I might have died!
So... where do I start? OH,but firstly my laptop had broken so if you see any weird mistakes then that's the blogger app on my phone however it has mysteriously fixed itself and is now working fine?? I know SPOOKY (the Halloween laptop fixing ghost?)another point I shall be informing you of my halloween frolikings later!


On Thursday Morning I rushed back to my mums from my dads,dumped all my bags and then ran A.S.A.P to Clapham junction to pick up Abigail (who also has her own YouTube channel now :
Luckily everything went smoothly and I found her and brought her back safely!
Then I opened my presents from her:
A gorgeous pair of yellow,retro earrings
A floral,china box
A gold feather bracelet
A peace and feather necklace

Thank you so much I LOVE it all
Moving on...

Then we went to a vintage bowling alley,which was amazing!
I had a chocolate milkshake and a hot dog called 'The Big Lebowski' and came 2nd-Whoop Whoop.
After a long night of Abbie hogging all the duvet it was my birthday! I ran downstairs and opened all my presents (wont list them too many!).We then went up to my room and got ready,we dont have any specific pictures of our outfits but we have got pictures of us,if you understand?
Britain's next top model was really fun however I wont be going again! It was very commercial and the catwalk was full of camp dancing but it was all good haha.
I bought a raspberry,wine coloured shirt form a brand called Blue Rinse,which they sell in Urban Outfitters for a cheeky,profit making £35 when they are sold directly from the retailer for £25.
I thought this was amazing as after i got home i saw 100% silk printed on the label.
We watched an open catwalk which any ticket holder could see,they had a few people singing and playing.they also had a creepy,Halloween catwalk!
After this our friend,George joined us for the proper catwalk,she insisted i opened my presents then and there as we were waiting in line:

A American Apparel sheer,black,shirt-dress
Toadstool Fairy lights
Amazing gold and pink earrings from Anthropologie

Thanks so much,you are amazing at getting presents!!
At 6pm we left the Excel Center and dragged our tired bodies back onto the tube to my house!
...Completly clueless, I opened the front door to see my last birthday surprise....A kitten asleep on the table!
He is asleep on my desk next to me as I type!!
On saturday we all went to Bond street on the bus to go to Laduree,the best and most beautiful cake shop EVER that is famous for its mouth watering macaroons.
We bought a box of 8: 3 rose,1 vanilla,1 raspberry,1 blackberry,1 caramel,1 pistachio (favourite)
and ate them on the park bench! YUM

and that's all I think I can say!! I had a amazing birthday,if you are still reading them well done,pictures will be included below
and again for more go to
I might do a kinda Birthday Haul? if that's what you want?, please say if you do!!

Halloween post will be soon.Love you all
Fabulously fifteen Feebz


  1. aw love love love tthese posts!! had such a fab time!<3

  2. haha thx but thats not me!! thats my friend! i should of made that clearer because we kinda look similar :) but yes i love her hair too!! <3 xx