Sunday, 19 February 2012

London Fashion Week- Friday | fabulously feebz

I went to LFW at the weekend, It was amazing and hopefully I can go again!
Because this topic is sooooo huge I have split it into days to make it easier for everyone.
I will be posting about it over the coming week so keep coming back to check.
Thankyou so much to Abbie and especially Catherine for inviting me and letting me stay at her house!


I got on the tube to go and meet Abbie at Waterloo and then we went over to Catherines' house.
Our first show was that evening, we had been invited to the Orla Keily Tea Party at Summerset house.
It was a presentation, not a show so there wasn't a catwalk. The models were in the centre of the room dancing, there were tables around them were you could sit (all of the seats had been taken though!).This ballroom scene was also perfect for taking photos.
I thought the clothes were beautiful , they were vintage-inspired but it wasn't all florals - Thank god, there has been way too much of that stuff recently. Orla Keilys clothes were vintage but different and I could even call them fresh. My favourite item was the dress worn by the model sitting in the first photo on the left.




  1. Wow how cool you got to go to the Orla Kiely presentation, very jealous, it looks amazing! xx

  2. cant believe i still went and it was amazing!
    thankyou!! xx