Thursday, 8 March 2012

Feather Extention | fabulouslyfeebz

So you might have noticed something very subtle in my hair over the last few posts, no its not a braid its a ...feather hair extention! I have wanted one for ages but kinda forgot about it till a few weeks ago when I was in Topshop on Oxford street and they were doing them.
They last for 2 months (at the most) and it was £5, which in my opinion is a bit of a rip-off?)
I might buy my own set that I can do myself because it would be so much cheaper and
I would love to get loads done but the price would be ridiculous.
Brushing my hair is an odd experience because I have to be careful not to yank it out and sometimes it feels a bit heavier on my head but apart from that I hardly notice it.
Anyway here it is (there are loads of colours to choose from but I just got black and cream stripes):


  1. I've seen them in the shop before and liked the look of them, would you recommend them? & also, did they look really obvious whilst at school?

  2. not sure i would recommend it because of the price and its kinda too subtle.My school is the strictest one i know and they haven't noticed or care so i think it would probs be alright!